Meet the Company

Our families have lived in the Washington DC metro area since 1980, going to school, serving in uniform and working on Capitol Hill and within the region’s professional environment.  We understand this region, and we know the individuals and families looking to live, work, attend school….to build a home in this area.

Hana Associates’ corporate headquarters and affiliated companies have been in the business of business for more than ten years, working alongside some of the world’s largest and well-known businesses, companies whose range of business includes aircraft design and production, missile technologies, information technology systems, computer software programs, radar technology, staff engineering and technical support systems, human resource management, facilities management, security and access control, maintenance and logistics management, among others.

The corporate experiences and past performance certifications gained by these associations have provided the essential leadership and management foundation of our team at Hana Associates; equally important is that the affiliates of Hana Associates have developed business relationships and established a professional business presence in Old Town, Alexandria and Crystal City, Alexandria since 2004.

Our team includes the very professional experts at our corporate headquarters skilled in finance and accounting, human resources, legal, information technologies and systems, contract transactions, benefits programs, recruiting and business development.

We know the economic vitality of the Washington DC metro region, its immense resources and capabilities, its constant growth in advanced technologies, the energy of its educational institutions and the unique quality of life shaped by its national museums, environmental stewardship, vitality of its theatre and arts and the exciting public service agencies that populate the area.

We know the area we serve, understand its history and traditions and are committed to its smart growth.

Our team at Hana Associates is led by our Principal Broker, Ann Yanagihara, who has distinguished herself in the real estate industry in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area; in addition to her expertise in the real estate business, she brings a legal capacity as an attorney licensed to practice in both Maryland and Virginia. Energy, vitality, caring, competence and diligence have been hallmarks of her leadership and management culture.

Aislyn Rivera’s highly organizational nature, technological skills, and sincere positivity make her a perfect fit as our Office and Operations Manager. After just graduating from the University of Virginia, Aislyn is new to Hana and the real estate field, but has become a vital part of our real estate team.

Shoookie Singh utilizes his vast real estate experience and extensive training to excel as our Property Manager.  He began as a real estate agent but his intelligence and skill has proven him ideal for our Property Management position as well. With a strong will and positive attitude, Shoookie goes above and beyond to help both his clients and his tenants.

Our Board of Directors at our corporate headquarters reflect the values of wisdom, character and caring that have shaped who we are as a team, a team dedicated to serving our clients with respect, competence, accountability and integrity.

All of us are proud to say that, “Here at Hana, it’s more than a business, it’s a home.”