Group Health Insurance Option

As a salesperson and an independent contractor, I always worried about my health care options.  Every year I saw my insurance rates increasing by double digit percentages and I had no health issues.  What would it be like for me as an independent contractor in my fifties or sixties even as a healthy person or what if I developed a chronic ailment at any age?

When I became a Broker, I joined up with a company that was as concerned about the independent contractors that worked with us as I was.  With that in mind, our parent organization, The Hana Group, was able to work out a way to offer it’s group health plan to our independent contractors.  With this group plan, you will enjoy stable premiums, low deductibles, low coinsurance, a large provider network and excellent prescription coverage.  There is even a vision plan available.  Click on the link below to learn more about our group health insurance options.

Hana Health Plans